We happen things #3 – a meeting

We happen things #3 – a meeting
Collage: Jonas Williamsson and Tove Salmgren

“We Happen Things #3 — a meeting” was a reflexive project initiated and curated by Manon Santkin, Moa Franzén and Tove Salmgren, inviting to (self)reflection around (artistic) practices; as performer, artist or audience.

For the 3rd edition of “We Happen Things”, Moa Franzen, Tove Salmgren and Manon Santkin invited Francine Agbodjalou and Kajsa Wadhia to perform with them a relay of scores that would make them move and talk together. They used three scores as motor for the performance: Tove Salmgren’s “Objects and Speech”, Manon Santkin’s “Unexplained dances” and Moa Franzén’s “prɑpər spitʃ”

Going through loops of repetition, variation, recognition and displacements, the five artists will bring their individual practices and perspectives on stage and perform an uncanny cohabitation of differing views on performance, language, properness, dance and probably life. The scores problematize questions of power, subjectivity and criticality, using “choreography” and “performance” as alibi to explore the relation between language and movement, directing special attention to the speaking body and to speech as practice, form, communication and politics.

The performance meeting happened at MDT and Köttinspektionen, 2016
Duration approximately 4 hours long, with open doors for the audience to come and go.
Supported by Stockholm stad and Köttinspektionen.
Short excerpt from the performance.
Read more about the artists and the scores here.
MDT fanzine “WE HAPPEN THINGS #3 – a meeting”