The Blob: Spontaneous Study Blob

The Blob: Spontaneous Study Blob
The Blob: Study Blob at Mossans Marknad, Värtahamnen (2017)

The Blob wants to read/study in a public environment where people gather. 

The study / reading is done through a circle session, where the participants sit under a large beige fabric that covers the participants. If necessary, the text is discussed. One can sit and study for as long as one wants. The Blob will probably move to different places during the day (if the weather permits).

The first study blob was made at Mossutställningar’s Mossans Marknad 30/9 2017 facilitated by Ellen Söderhult, Maria Stiernborg, Tove Salmgren and Anna Efraimsson. We read The attack of the Blob by Hanna Arendt’s concept of the social” by Hanna Fenichel Pitkin.

The Blob wants to read was initiated and curated by Anna Efraimsson and Tove Salmgren and this concept was the winner of an open call by Mossans Marknad.

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