The Blob Conference Dinner

The Blob Conference Dinner

The Blob choreographed the conference dinner during the International Deleuze Conference, by Daughters of Chaos: Practice, Discipline, A Life at Konstfack, 2015. This time Miriam von Schantz (phd candidate in media and communikation), Tove Salmgren (dancer och choreographer) and Anna Efraimsson (curator and the founder of the Blob) were thinking through and with The Blob.

The Blob constellation approached the task of organising a conference dinner from a choreographic perspective. Through a playful reorganisation of settings such as dinner guests, food, staff, waste it was aiming at reshuffling and exhausting the normative and hierchical relations in a conference dinner. 

The dinner tables were placed in a large square. Inside the square a blob grew increasingly bigger and bigger during the dinner fed by waist and dishes from the dinner. The Blob: conference dinner also hosted two concerts by The Disengaged Jazz Orchesta and Saralunden.

The dinner in itself was presented as a paper during the conference by Miriam von Schantz.

Anna Efraimsson runs The Blob since 2014.