From a throat of flesh (sound installation)

From a throat of flesh (sound installation)
Woodcut: Magnus Dahl

“From a throat of flesh” was originally performed as a sound choreography with the audience sitting blindfolded in chairs listening to the choreography, sonically placed around them in the space. In the exhibition “The Useless Mouths” at Artlab Gnesta, the performance was installed as a digital sound piece, in a dark room, audiences sitting facing away from each other.

From a throat of flesh
Moa Franzén, Tove Salmgren och Kajsa Wadhia, 2018
32.43 min
Recorded and mixed by Robin Jonsson.

“From a throat of flesh” is a vocal choreography where a polyphony of voices explore the voice beyond speech, as sounding flesh. A choir, but not for singing. The piece moves through voiced expressions which, socially and historically, have been subjected to acts of disciplining and ”civilizing”, taken as pretext to categorize people as barbaric, brute and hysterical. Departing from voice as moving flesh, the piece sounds its way through the ideological landscape that voice is, and has been, tied to. Deeply rooted in the transgressive nature of voice, as well as its home in breath and the inside of the body, the piece recognizes the paradoxical fear and longing for intimacy and physical proximity in the wake of the trauma of the current pandemic. The audience experiences the piece with eye masks on, witnessing the bodies, the voices and the sounding flesh as they unfold a choreography for the ears. Trailer From a throat of flesh

Created and performed by Moa Franzén, Kajsa Wadhia, Tove Salmgren. Performed at Köttinspektionen and Fylkingen (2018), Weld (2020), Research Week, Stockholm University of the Arts (2020), Arllab Gnesta. (2021). Co-produced by Köttinspektionen Dans and Weld. Supported by Stockholms Stad and The Swedish Arts Grand Committee.

The perfomance trio; Tove Salmgren, Kajsa Wadhia and Moa Franzén, shares a common interest in voice as choreographic material and method, which has gathered them in various projects driven by a feminist critique and questions about how body and voice are interconnected in eachothers’ becomings. The trio works with perfomrance, curatorial processes and publications.