Curating in Context / Summer School / SKH Course

Curating in Context / Summer School / SKH Course
Curating in Context, Floating University, Berlin, 2021

From 2019-2021 Tove was one of the core members of the EU project “Curating in Context“, as a representative of the dance department at SKH. Within this project Tove worked with the team developing ideas related to ideas of ‘composting’ – a way to imagine sharing and exchanging materials and resources with a wide range of experiences and knowledge from curatorial processes, produced inside and outside the academic context. In this frame composting meant to share interests, knowledge and experiences on curating, and to let ’the compost’ (situated online) work as a co-existing and co-creative space for a multitude of perspectives, simultaneously negotiating what this process will do, or become. Read more about the compost here.

In 2022, the Summer School Curating in Context (curated by Lokomotiva in Skopje) took place in Struga, North Macedonia – as part of the SKH course “Curatorial Practice and Context” hosted by the Dance Department, SKH, where Tove was the course leader. This course was developed from the EU project, and hosted 15 participants/students from both within and outside of the EU region.

About the EU project 2019-2021
The aim of the project Curating in Context was to develop curatorial training with a focus on social impact through the involvement of local, regional and international actors, targeting individuals as well as cultural and civic organisations. The project aimed to create educational resources and methods for use within the university and for the further education of cultural workers and citizens through strategies resulting from practices of performing arts and curators. Through methods of cross-pollination of know-how and best practices from the performing arts and civil society, the project also aimed to collate the impact of the cultural and civil sectors on society. Curating in Context consisted of the NGOs Tanzfabrik Berlin and Lokomotiva, Skopje, as well as Stockholm University of the Arts and University of Zagreb.