The Blob Release Ceremony + The Blob starts a band!

The Blob Release Ceremony + The Blob starts a band!

The Blob (assisted by Anna Efraimsson and Tove Salmgren this time) organized a release party for “Ses, Läs, Gör”, a collection of five individual posters made up of written materials by the choreographers/artists Frida Sandström, Zoë Poluch, Moa Franzén, Maria Stiernborg and Barkman Bark, with graphic design by Jonas Williamsson. The Publication was part of a chain reaction of artistic practices and happenings at Köttinspektionen, hosted by Köttinspektionen dans, 2016.

During the release ceremony The Blob invited participant to drop a variation of things/objects/materials from different levels. Everyone could participate in dropping things, or look at other people dropping things.

The Blob adopted the mission to host a release party through the understanding: “To let go of something is to start something else”, and therefore took the opportunity to start a band while launching Ses, Läs, Gör – together with everyone that would like to join. For the band’s appearance, The Blob had a manifesto that constituted a container and a framework for the band.


Manifesto for the band
Everybody can join
As a band member, one can be an observer – to attend but not so active
Inbetween the songs we communicate without words, but words can be used inside of the songs
Band members can bring instruments, and what an instrument is, is not decided
There will be gigs/concerts
The band makes songs and music but what songs and music are, is not decided
The whole room is part of the song
Each band member can initiate a song, and the initiator of a song will end the song
Everyone has to back up a song that has been initiated (may be with their presence, mind, feelings or with instruments)
One does not need to show up to all rehearsals to be a band member

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