Choreographed reading circles at Köttinspektionen

Choreographed reading circles at Köttinspektionen
LAB Choreographed reading circles (2017)

Hosted at Köttinspektionen, Uppsala (2016-2017)

A choreographed reading circle was proposted by Tove Salmgren and Kajsa Wadhia as an investigation into how methods for dance can meet methods for group readings. We proposed that reading together could be to dance together, and how we dance was structured by an invited choreographer every session.

The choreographers was asked to choose text, methods and format for the experiment according to their own artistic interests. Taking part in a choreographed reading circle involved asking one selves what an event like this is and can be. We were asked to participate with our curiosity, eyes, bodies, voices and thoughts. Everybody who wanted to join were welcome, and no preparation was needed. It was also always possible to participate as a spectator/listener/witness or as reader/dancer.

During the two year this serie of reading circles took place at Köttinspektionen the following choreographers were invited to host a session each: Manon Santkin, Ellen Söderhult, Sandra Lolax, Caroline Byström, Stina Nyberg, Maria Stiernborg, Frida Sandström, The Blob, Chloe Chignell and Anna Bontha.

Documentation made by invited artists each occasion
A different artist was always invited for every session, with the commission to answer with their eyes, their ears, their hands or thought to the reading circle, with a material that can be printed on paper. The invited artist participates on the same conditions as other participants; as spectator/listener/witness or as reader/dancer. The document that the artist creates were collected in the two publications Ses, Läs, Gör (2017) and Material som drar (2018). Invited artists to document: Frida Sandström, Zoë Poluch, Moa Franzén, Maria Stiernborg, Barkman Bark, Marie Gavois, Sophie Erlandsson, Anna-Karin Brus, Caroline Byström and Munish Wadhia. Graphic design by Jonas Williamsson.